Lord Supper Observed

July 19, 2017 Posted in: Archived Comments Off on Lord Supper Observed

On Sunday, August 27th at 11:00am, as a part of our Worship Service, we will gather together for the purpose of observing the ordinance of the Lord’s Supper (also known as Communion). This commemorative service is in obedience to the Lord Jesus Christ’s command to do this in remembrance of Him until He returns and we join Him in Heaven. Partaking of the bread and the cup symbolizes the sacrifice Jesus made for the salvation of our souls from the penalty of sin, and our public testimony of our personal acceptance of Jesus’ salvation. Thanks be to God for the sacrifice He made by giving up the life of His One and Only Son in order to redeem our lives to an intimate relationship with Him that we will share forever. You are invited to join us as we express together the thanksgiving due and the obedience owed to God Our Father and Jesus Our Savior. Church membership is not required for participating in this sacred commemorative but having professed Jesus as your personal Savior and Lord is a pre-requisite.

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